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As an alumni of ESCP Paris Graduate School of Management, Kamala worked for 10 years in the corporate business world in the fields of consultancy for organisations, marketing and business development in Europe and Asia. Coupled with her over-10 years experience as a Yoga teacher, Kamala bring you all her savoir faire and savoir etre to serve the wellbeing and the creativity of your team members.

Kamala is bilingual French-English and can teach in both languages with equal ease.

Kamala offers the following programmes:

  1. Stress management
  2. Management of one’s energy
  3. Clarity of mind

Stress Management


Our body is built in such a way that it can respond to immediate danger: the heart beats faster, our senses are sharper, our speed of action increases. The flow of adrenalin poured into the blood when we feel under stress is necessary when faced with a actual danger. The problem in our society is that stress is chronic and persistent whether there is real danger or not. The consequences on our health and clarity of mind can be disastrous, generating tensions in the body as well as nervous disorder. Worst case scenarii include depression and burn out. These are more and more current symptoms encountered amongst human beings.

How to prevent the negative effects of stress? How to recognize our negative and fearful thought patterns and take distance from them? How to cultivate a relaxed state of being, and more peace of mind?

In order to answer these questions, Kamala offers the following:

  • Gentle bodily movements inspired by Yoga,
  • Breathing exercises,
  • Listening and meditation practice,
  • Understanding of how stress and its symptoms are generated in the body and the nervous system and how to take distance from negativity and fearful thoughts,
  • Practice of simple techniques so one can return to a more stable and balanced inner state.


  • To become aware of one’s sensations and thoughts and therefore to take distance from them,
  • To take ownership of simple techniques to help one feel ore relaxed and return to a more peaceful state,
  • After each session, participants feel more relaxed and clear minded.

The programme is designed as workshops, the form and the duration of which will depend on your specific objectives and budget.

Management of one’s own energy


Your employees have loaded work days, often with very tight deadlines, and sometimes even with work trips here and there. This can be exhausting for the body and the nervous system, impeding the full productivity and creativity of your employees. One can not think intelligently when one feels heaviness and low in energy.

Kamala has put together a programme based on simple yogic techniques that your team members can learn and apply in their lives to prevent exhaustion and to keep a more balanced level of energy.

What is the programme made of?

  • Gentle bodily movements that does not make one sweat,
  • Breathing exercises
  • Gentle and quiet listening of one’s sensorial dimension to let go of all repetitive thought patterns and come back to a clear and neutral mind.


  • Less tensions in the body, more openness and wellbeing in general,
  • Improvement of one’s capacity to breathe deeply,
  • Improved circulation of energy in the body and the brain,
  • Practice and learning of simple techniques that one can repeat and apply in one’s life.

The format and the duration/rhythm of the workshops are to be discussed and designed together with Kamala to fit your specific objectives and budget.

Clarity of mind


Constantly one’s intellect is being used and stimulated to perform analysis, memorization, planning, projection, etc. Some thoughts are useful, but one might be surprised to notice that many of one’s thoughts are repetitive, negative and counter-productive. When this state is reached, there is not much space for open mindedness, true intelligence and sparkles of creativity and understanding. Not only this is harmful to one’s wellbeing, it is also cunter productive in the workplace.

To have the capacity to let go of one’s thoughts and to come back to a more silent and peaceful mind space is a very precious competency in itself. When faced with complex or difficult problems and situations, the one with a peaceful mind will demonstrate a behaviour that is less egotistical and more suitable to the actual needs of the situation. A person with a crowded mind space will tend to respond in a negative and fearful manner, leading one to less constructive and appropriate decisions.

Kamala offers the following programme for developing a clear mind:

  • Breathing exercises,
  • Listening and meditation practice.


  • Less thoughts,
  • Taking distance from thoughts and their hypnotic power,
  • More silent and peaceful mind,
  • Feeling of space and clarity,
  • More neutral and better decision-making.

Do you have other projects? please contact Kamala to discuss in details.

Together we will design the most suitable program for your team.

See you soon!