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Yoga and Meditation Online Courses

How it works and special recommendations


Kamala has recorded several of her courses so you can continue your practice at home and during your travels. Just pay the one-time subscription for the course and gain unlimited access.

Available English-spoken courses are: (more courses are available on the French version of the website)

  • Hatha Yoga:
    • Beginner: complete version
    • Beginner: short version
    • Intermediate: complet version
  • Meditation:
    • So ham
    • I am consciousness
  • New courses will be published in the near future

All the teachings of Kamala are based on the listening of one’s sensorial dimension (5 senses) from the stand point of one’s presence space. By practicing under Kamala’s guidance, one learns to listen without linking sensations to concepts or stories. The space of listening becomes deeper and wider, to encompass the entire space of the present moment. Openness and fullness are the experience.

To obtain access to a course, click on the course you would like to purchase. A Paypal payment page will then be displayed. After your successful payment, you will receive an email with your login and password to your member account on omkamala.com. After login in the website, go to the Online Courses to view the course you purchased.

Important: the courses are suitable for people with a good and stable health and mental condition, and are risk-free as long as you follow the recommendations as listed below:

  • One must learn to discern between two types of bodily sensations: discomfort and pain. Discomfort occurs during stretching of the body. It is not a problem as it means that the body lacks flexibility and needs to open and loosen up. Just practice gently and slowly, always listening to your sensations as they open up. Pain is radically different. Pain is a sharp sensation, meaning that some area in the body is damaged and requires medical attention. In that case, please contact your Doctor or a specialist as soon as possible.
  • Breathe and listen to your breath and all your bodily sensations.
  • Let yourself be guided by your sensations rather than by your own will to perform well.

Enjoy your personal practice with Kamala!