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Why is it vital for individuals and organizations to learn to connect and grow from presence?

Nowadays, and even more so than before the era of globalization and information technology revolution, the world of business has become a very volatile and complex system. Leaders and business managers face a world that is changing rapidly, challenges that come from many levels of society, from their direct clients, their suppliers and other business partners, but also from the uncertainties of the realms of politics and global markets. Challenges even come from within organizations themselves as they struggle with their own structural rigidity and inner politics.

In order to adapt to change and challenges, organizations and each individual within have to be in a constant learning and agile groove. One cannot rest on one’s laurels as the expression puts it. As a consequence to this increasing level of complexity, individuals experience higher and higher levels of stress and anxiety. The world appears like a hard and fierceful place where one has to battle one’s way through or risks not to survive. People compete with each other, even within the same company, grabbing and pulling the piece of pie to themselves and not caring for others or the environment. To top it all up, we realize that our ways as human kind are not sustainable and are breaking the equilibrium of our ecosystem, our ecological resources are quickly running dry, and even the survival of our species has become a serious future possibility.

This is where and why connecting to presence is so vital to the well being of each individual and also to organizations if they want to thrive positively in such a world today.

Growing from presence means to suspend our preconceived and automatic ways of thinking and seeing our life and the world, based on the past and our egotistical reactions. It means listening, observing, gathering facts from what is actually going on in the present moment and above all sensing what the future is calling us to act upon. Presence means bringing our attention back onto its source, our inner self, a place of consciousness, a place of deep listening and attention, a place of authenticity where we can feel our deepest intention for ourselves, others and the entire world. Presence connects us to everything that matters most, presence connects us to a deeper realm of wisdom. In presence one realizes that we are all part of one living organism, the world as one being, and not separate parts with separate lives.

More practically speaking, connected to one’s presence, one’s quality of listening allows for real, to-the-fact and fruitful interactions, dialogues, allowing each member of a team to express his/her views and ideas openly and creatively. When this presence work is encouraged both individually and at the group level, surprising and powerful results can emerge. Relationships blossom from each stakeholder being so true and committed, and actions produce results that benefit not only an elite group of people but the whole at last.

Our world and individuals within organizations today need just that…Urgently so: each one of us needs to connect to one’s deepest sense of presence, and to learn to work with others from this same place of authenticity and creativity : presence. A few very avant-garde and growingly successful organizations, such as Eileen Fisher, have already recognized the need for infusing presence into their daily actions and decisions, and have even started to help change their business partners’ working culture and relationships to the environment.

If you feel urged to learn more about presence and how it can work for you and your team, contact me, I will be happy to guide you and your team to grow and innovate from presence.

Kamala Phonphibsvads



I, awareness

I do not see a world, I only see myself

There is not an outside of me, there is only profound intimacy

Made of seeing, touching, sensing, smelling, only pure experiencing.

There is not a somebody living and acting in this world,

Colours, forms and movements are only the activity of the only One, pure Being.

As I touch the substance of perceiving, I can only find Knowing,

Awareness knows only awareness, in stillness and in creation.

Trying the reach my very limits, I find nothing but infinite space,

Going back deep into my origins, or flying far into the future,

I realize time is illusory, what I am is truly eternity.

Finding my real self, I am back home finally,

In the arms of my beloved, I fall happy asleep…




Happiness is your birthright

Life is a movement like a gigantic dance. Every creature, every plant, every piece of minerals takes part to the cosmic dance, but no one chooses which is its part to play. An action, just as common as taking the bus every morning to go to work, is a cosmic event, not of your choosing. To make everything happen, the entire universe has to pull together and orchestrate time and space in a way that the human mind could never comprehend or grasp totally. Understanding the way of the universe is out of our reach.

But the goal of life is not to understand it, nor to seize it. The goal for each one of us is quite simple, although at times forgotten, it is happiness. But happiness cannot be a personal experience, meaning it is not the fact of an individual, it is the nature of life itself. Life creates and destroys with such freedom and joy, it is pure energy in action, with no limitations from good or bad. When we are new born, there is no concepts such as a “me” separate from the environment. The baby is hungry so it cries. The baby reacts to sensations and perceptions. It does not think. It embodies life and its manifestation, without commenting upon it. Crying or laughing occurs, just like cosmic events, unrelated to a specific and separate entity.

As we grow up, the thinking process starts to feed one’s life with labels, possessions and judgments of what’s good or bad. The false sense of identity appears with the identification of our being with our parents, our likes and dislikes, our environment, our friends, etc. We feel as if to be happy we need to become more or less of this and that, we need to achieve this or that, we need to go there or here, and things would be better, we would feel more complete, more ourselves.

What if we just stop the thinking process and just watch and listen? But not the type of watching for looking for something. Just watch, listen, with no intention to get and to understand. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Just this moment, watch and listen.

Magically, as the thinking stops, the story of our life also stops naggering us. A space is felt like an openness, filled with quiet silence, gentle and watching. Our sense of belonging to anything drops like an ilusion and gives place to independence and freedom. Not only the space is neutral of all judgments and story line, it is actually joyful and beautiful.

What we are is this simplicity, this deep emotion within of intimacy with life itself. There is no separation, there is just what is, what we are, and it’s more than we could ever imagine.